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Pearl Model

Pearl Model


TAI SANG EMBRO takes utmost care to develop its Pearl Model tubular style embroidery machines tubular embroidery machines are one of the most used embroidery machines around the world. The main usage of this machine is for 1. Making all kind of logos. 2. Embroidery on garments 3. Embroidery on Caps 4. Embroidery on t-shirts 5. Embroidery on socks 6. Embroidery on Gloves g niece 7. Embroidery on dog's collar 8. Embroidery on pockets 9. Embroidery on trousers 10. Any many more usages with our special frameset Our Pearl Model have different models for all kind of using all kind of customers looking for budget machine or a high production high-speed multi-head machine, we have it all. our Beam Technology, running machine with the WIRELESS Operation & much more.

Single Head Pearl Model Machines

Multi-Head Pearl Model Tubular Machines Sizes

Salient Features Of The Machine

  • Flat Embroidery work.
  • Tubular / Cap Embroidery

  • Running speed 850 RPM / 1000 RPM

General Specifications of the Machine

  • Dahao Computer System – 8 Inch / 10 Inch / 12 Inch - Optional

  • With Trimmer

  • With Under Thread Cutter (UTC)

  • Main Motor – Dahao Servo Motor

  • X & Y –  Stepping Motor

  • Design Loading – USB

  • Open Pantograph (suitable for fabric embroidery & garment embroidery)

  • With Nylon Frames [5 sizes. 2 sets per head]

  • Frame Size 9,12,15,18, 29*29 cm

  • Solenoid Jump – Japanese Solenoid

  • Main Shaft - Normal  - 18 mm

  • Japanese Rotary Hook

  • MCB Switch

  • Free Tool Box with Additional Spares

  • User’s Manual

Additional Value Additional Features

  • Sequin Device - Single / Dual

  • Cording Device

  • Chenille / Lopping Device