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Tai Sang Embro™ is a registered brand name owned by the flagship company of the group. It is owned by Tai Sang International Holdings Limited & all worlds rights to be used, displayed, leased or franchised are only to the ownership of this company. Any Third party usage without any agreement/permission with Tai Sang International Holdings Limited will be considered as illegal.

Platinum Model

Tai Sang All Model

Platinum Model

1200 RPM high speed machine


9 Needle 12 heads VISTA Plus 900 RPM  machine

  • I started knowing Tai Sang Embroidery company in April 2017 through the internet when I wanted to buy my embroidery machine.I had been communicating with lots of manufacturing companies but Tai Sang Embro company was an outstanding company with excellent services.I even went to China to see their industry.I was not taken as a customer but as a family member.They taught me how to use the machine.Even when I was back home using the machine they can assist me in anything even during the night since we have a 6 hours difference.I am proud with these people even my wife and cousin who uses this machine daily they are very happy about the services,commitments of these people
  • “I have a six head SWF machine (made in Korea) and two tai sang machine (made in china) 8 head each. The output quality of both the machine are equivalent and we don’t find SWF anyway better than Tai sang. I regret investing huge amount in a Korean machine. Mr Dashaan his team were always available to support us in running our machines. They replied us within 60 minutes and gave their best to solve the issue. There was never any problem with the machine itself; but it was always some misunderstanding or lack of knowledge on our part. This support is provided even after 12 months from machine delivery. Mr Dashaan also shared many knowledge and expertise in the overall embroidery business like helping us in getting our designs digitized or arranging raw materials. The SWF and Tai sang both did good embroidery. But it was the service which I got with Tai sang which helped me succeed in my business. This lead to us buying a ten-head embroidery machine and a two-head laser machine again from them. There might be many companies which would sell a good quality machine. But I strongly believe that none comes with the support like we got with Tai sang. Mr Dashaan is my best supplier compared to my all other supplier of textiles, stitching machine, ext. The level and quality of support given by him was never matched by anyone else.”

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