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Tai Sang Embro, Saga that is continuously embroidering the un-touch stories…
The embroidery machine is no new product and TSE [Tai Sang Embro] took the business in 2004 as a part of new entrepreneurship. 2006, brand Tai Sang Embro multi-folded the “Computerized Embroidery Machines” business into a quantity-based manufacturing business and exported more than 1000 machines a year to India.

“Redefining Embroidery” became our motto by 2008 – 2009 when we first developed our 1000 RPM Double cam machine. The multi-head embroidery machine is pronounced technology mastered by Germany, Japan, and Korea. TSE in technical partnership with a Korean company, moved towards conception, idealizing, creating, and developing more refined benefits that can be “Redefined” though this renowned “Multi-Head Technology” we marked our Benchmark with 5H High Speed, High Accuracy, High Performance, High Productivity, High Quality Mastered the art of developing the finest, TSE now is well equipped to give its customers Economical, High End and SuperSpeed machines, as per the requirement of the customers. Stitching N Sewing needs to synchronize well and thus we have been able to synthesize Value Addition products along with normal embroidery machines in these 10 years of our experience 2mm Dual Sequin, Superfine Easy Cording, Cording & Tapping Technology, or Mix Chenille N Chain Stitching embroidery. Or our Feather In The Crown – TCD from Korea, mastered by Judy’s Device.
Single head to 120 Heads – Stitching is to our heart & finer product to be stitched is our Aim Developing Relationship, Distributing Quality – that’s what we do with the help of our Channel Partners in more than 20 countries worldwide. We are beholden to our highly valued customers, who have turned into lifetime customers. We cherish the bond. We will Preserve what needs to be cherished and we will change what needs to be with the change of time. Tai Sang Embro, with the support of our customers, Channel Partners and our Fans worldwide, promises to bring more solutions and we will keep on evolving with the times Tai Sang Embro™ is a registered brand name owned by the flagship company of the group. It is owned by Tai Sang International Holdings Limited & all worlds rights to be used, displayed, leased, or franchised are only to the ownership of this company. Any Third party usage without any agreement/permission with Tai Sang International Holdings Limited will be considered illegal. In Changes, We Believe And We Continue “Redefining Embroidery”

Tai Sang Embro

We can only earn and be in long time business if the end user would be able to earn and multiply the business.
Thus, our team is always made of individuals who work with emotions and care for the end users
 Tai Sang Embro

A brief history of Tai Sang Embro

It is the team that makes a company and theproduct stronger. We own to our businessassociated & our hard core team at TSE
Multi Head Embroi
Marked as one of the largest producers of emb
largest producers of emb
Dubai & CISMA - Revolutionary Sales Records
Revolutionary Sales Records
Tai Sang Embro Started Wtih Multi Head Embroi
embroidery machines p
ITME Asia, India - only embroidery machines p
18 Channel Part
Today we are at 80 countries, 18 Channel Part

Taisang Embro Dignity


Meet the Dream Team

Textile inspires and equips people to accelerate sustainable practices in the textile value chain. We focus on minimizing the harmful impacts of the global textile industry and maximizing its positive effects.
Tai Sang
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