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 / COMPAQ 1201 (510 x 400)



  • Embroidery on cap, t-shirts, hoodies, and all tubular style garments

  • 270° wide angle cap system.

  • Easy to make embroidery on purses, wallets, belts,

  • socks, and all fashion accessories with additional frame sets shown below in the accessories

  • Maximum Stitches for each design: 5 million stitches

  • Design Storage: 500 designs

  • Memory Capacity: 200 million stitches

  • Specialised system to make 3D embroidery. 3D embroidery making made easy Number of Heads Power Source Packing Size Weight Packed

  • Inbuilt alphabets for making logos

  • Reduction and expansion of design, inbuilt benefit

  • Working on the computer when machine is running.

COMPAQ 1201 (510 x 400)



  • Dahao touch screen

  • A15 computer system

  • LCD Size: 10.1 Inch

  • LCD Resolution: 1280 x 800

  • Speed - 1200 RPM

  • Japanese Rotary Hook

  • Japanese bearing

  • Italian belts

  • Auto Colour Changing

  • Auto thread trimmer (above and under)

  • Automatic thread break detection

  • Full screen pre-view design function

  • Built-in wire/wireless control system, supports LAN, WIFI and USB to transfer design formats

  • Languages supported - Chinese, English, Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Portuguese, French, Thai, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Persian.

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